31 de octubre de 2014

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Institución Universitaria especializada en el área creativa-comunicacional. Kilómetro 7, Vía Las Palmas - PBX (574) 3547120 - A.A. 8861 Medellín Colombia
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We are Another World

We are a Higher Education Institution, specialized in creativity and communication as the fundamentals of an education process that grants privilege to the recognition of otherness, as well as to collective creations.


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Academic Formation Plan in 4 years

Know the advantages and oportunities of our academic formation plan in 4 years. 

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Teaching cycles

Academically, the Project Another World includes integral formation in all the education levels.


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Gastronomy and Professional Cooking

This program’s object of study is the alimentation culture, and it focuses on the study and research on food, its processing and transformation, in terms of experimentation, exhibition, tasting and consumption by different users. 

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Fashion Design

The School of Fashion Design is well-known for offering the city different fashion events, and it has gained national and international projection.


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Graphic Design

This program approaches graphic shapes as the universe of visual signs expressed through typography, images, their supports and dimensions: movement, time, sound, and interactivity.


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Organizational Communication

As the only program with emphasis on International Relationships in our country. We study and apply communication as a discipline that paves the way for knowledge, understanding and articulation of individuals in organizations.


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This program promotes the culture of market research, brands, communication channels and technologies, consumers, and tendencies, in order to generate creative, coherent, influencing, and measurable strategies.


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Space\Stage Design

We articulate disciplines that deal with images, objects, bodies, and garments, in order to transform atmospheres and spaces.


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Specialization in Creative Intervention

This specialization seeks to develop the students’ creative potential as a tool that helps them innovate and transform their surroundings, by applying cultural, social, and commercial projects at the local, national, and international levels.


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Academic Community Outreach

This department leads programs that integrate research, community outreach and teaching.

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Colegiatura Colombiana Research Center

Colegiatura Colombiana Research Center (CICCO) struggles to promote research among teachers and students alike, by means of research seedbeds, research groups, thesis, and external services.


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